We are so excited to see men come together. We are expecting this initiative to attract men from different walks of life, with different take on what defines a man and with (or without) different expressions of faith. By joining this initiative, we are assuming that you will share our common understanding of basic moral conduct as men: Here are a few of the below:

  1. We respect your fellow man and honour the values they bring to the group.
  2. We celebrate our manhood without dishonouring the women in our lives.
  3. We recognise that men differ from women, but they are of equal value in who they are and how they function in society.
  4. We hold dialogue not to discredit or devalue each other but to communicate our story so that we can learn from each other’s success. On this basis, we will not accept abusive or threatening language as part of communication among men. The officials of ManUwell reserve the right to block your access should your behaviour becomes disruptive during the sessions.
  5. We believe that Trust is earned and so we value the importance of confidentiality in sharing our stories. But our conversations as men remains confidential as long as it does not put the lives of others at risk.